About Jill

Former overseas elementary teacher Jill Apperson Manly has traveled the world. As a result, she has developed a sense of familiarity and appreciation for other cultures and countries.

Jill enjoys blending that appreciation with her extensive knowledge of yoga to encourage children to be their true selves, and to be proud of who they are. She highlights the awareness, relaxation, and healing that the yoga practice can bring. Jill is licensed through Yoga Alliance and received her CYT from The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California, and has completed her iRest® Teacher Certification, and holds a 500 hour certification with Janice Gates in Somatic Yoga Therapy. A breast cancer survivor, Jill works with cancer survivors, abuse victims, and children.

Jill is the mother of four children and lives with her husband and children in Newport Beach.

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Nothando’s Journey

Nothando’s Journey is a journey in self-discovery told through the eyes of a young girl named Nothando.

The book tells of the Reed Festival, an important celebration in Nothando’s country of Swaziland in Southern Africa. Nothando and her brother venture into the unknown hills, in order to get to the festival on time.

As Nothando explores the hills of Swaziland, she visits with various animals—Nothando moves freely with the animals, and begins to become comfortable with who she is.

By the end of the book, the reader will soon learn that Nothando is “grateful to be Nothando.”

Nothando's Journey


Jill has always enjoyed physical activity and teaching. Jill spent 13 years living and teaching children and adults overseas in France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, and Italy.

Her passion for teaching yoga blends her interest in the body, its ability to heal and her belief in living a joyful life. Jill is licensed through Yoga Alliance and received her CYT from The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California. She currently is a level 2 teacher in training in iRest with Richard Miller and is completing her 500 hour certification with Janice Gates in Somatic Yoga Therapy. She works with veterans, cancer survivors, abuse victims. She has a passion to bring people into their bodies for awareness, relaxation and healing. Her recent battle with breast cancer took her deeper into her yoga practice. Jill is available for Privates sessions and can be reached at 949 836-2915 or jill@jabulaniyoga.com

q & A

How did your experiences as an elementary teacher in Swaziland inspire Nothando’s Journey?

There was a little shy girl in one of my classes. She never spoke. I think shy kids have just as much in them as boisterous kids. This book came to represent the importance of self-discovery. You don’t have to speak but you should as an adult or child recognize your inner wisdom.

You’re quite the traveler. How did your fascination with other cultures and languages develop?

My mom was a French teacher. My best friend was born in Spain and spoke Spanish with her mom. The majority of my high school friends were first generation Japanese or Chinese. I think I benefited from being American. People say our geography does not lend itself to language acquisition so Americans do not learn languages. This is true. But we have something extremely rich which I feel many Americans miss: We all migrated. We are culturally rich if we just look around and embrace it.

You’re a breast cancer survivor. Did your experience as a survivor shape Nothando’s story, or your journey as an author?

I owned a yoga studio, I ran triathlons and could do power yoga. My body was strong. One day all that was gone. I was in surgery and then in chemo. My life folded inside itself. I started doing an inward yoga practice called iRest. It is a somatic yoga experience.

People think yoga has to be moving into pretzel postures. Yoga is really many things. One of which is meditation. The inward yoga practice I started during chemo was so incredibly freeing. You know you feel physically terrible during chemo but as you become the observer of your internal world and the comings and going of sensations, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, you know you are something more than all of this. You begin to capture the moment and you in the moment.

This is what Nothando does. She captures herself in the moment. This could also be called awareness or mindfulness. During my treatment, I had love from many that helped me get through the challenges and I learned to be very patient and kind to myself. Nothando, translates as LOVE and it is LOVE’S JOURNEY that we all need to make. It is a Universal Message.