On a recent visit to St. Joseph’s of Orange Cancer Prevention and Treatment Center in Southern California, I had the great pleasure of leading a live meditation with the patients and their care teams. I regularly visit this center. They do such a great job creating healthy retreats to care for the whole person. Following our short experience together, a few participants requested that I record a relaxation meditation that they could keep with them. While I deeply enjoy being with these lovely people in person, I am happy to offer up a 10 minute version that can serve them whenever the inspiration strikes.

In reflecting on what brings me joy about doing live meditations, what came to me was the complexity of experience. It is so wonderful to be in a room with a group having a range of responses. Some sink in to a relaxed state, some don’t. But isn’t that just life? Humans are complicated, lives are complicated, and hence our thoughts can be perceived as complicated.

When we see our thoughts as complicated, it can feel like meditation is hard. But if we see our thoughts simply as thoughts, quieting our mind can arrive naturally. I think that’s what I like about being in a group having a real time practice. Everyone in the room has their phones off (hopefully) and are kind of stuck there. There is something very powerful in building the muscle that helps you stay, especially when you are feeling uncomfortable. As you access this audio on your own time, I invite you to stay! When thoughts come up, and they will, notice them but don’t let them pull you away. Rather, identify that a thought is happening, see that you are having that thought, let go of the thought, and come back to breathing until you have completed the time you set out to nourish yourself.

I am a firm believer in the iRest method and intend to share those in this blog. I also support those who find value in silent meditations but have found that they can be very difficult for beginners. Our world is so full of distractions — a guided meditation is a gentle way to find your inner peace. Please enjoy this 10 minute guided relaxation meditation and feel free to share!

I enjoy doing live meditations. Everyone is in a room, with their very present phone off, and is forced to turn their attention to one purpose. It is a unique experience to be in a room with other people and feel everyone sinking into a similar relaxed state. This is what I find powerful with live meditation. It has been my experience however that not every person at every moment can reach that place of inner quiet, especially alone. Our world is so full of distractions and silent meditation, where many people try to begin their meditation practice, can be very difficult. Guided meditations offer a great, gentler way to start finding inner peace, especially when you can’t make it to that live class.

Our lives as humans are complicated and our thoughts can be disturbing. If we view our thoughts from this disruptive lens meditation may elude us. However, if we are able to switch our perspective and view our thoughts simply for what they are, a thought, quieting our mind becomes a possibility. When doing this meditation at home, find a timer and set your intention as you set the time. Imagine you are doing this live as you are guided through the meditation, you wouldn’t get up and leave or stop. Thoughts will come up as you meditate, notice that they are happening, recognize you are having that thought, then let go of it, come back to your breath, and finish the time set on your timer.

This meditation uses in the irest method, which I am a firm believer in, and will be the main method presented on this blog. This first post is dedicated to St. Joseph’s of Orange Cancer Center in Southern California that offers a wonderful healthy retreat for its patients. I regularly present to this lovely group and promised to offer a RELAXATION MEDITATION that they could use. This meditation is 10 minutes long and is for everyone! Enjoy and feel free to share! More to come?

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